Brand Design

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Brand Design

Brand design is an important element of business development. Establishing yourself as a credible business with a strong logo, colours, corporate stationery and graphics is a preliminary step in creating an effective public profile. Good brand design should incorporate a dynamic and well-designed logo that acts as the face of your business, embedded with the values and mission you represent.

Like any field of expertise, brand design is a delicate business. Properly understanding the aim and direction of a company, as well as the industry in which it belongs, is paramount. At Mariart, we take the time to get to know your business intimately. This allows us to get a true appreciation of the business and the contributions it makes to society. Gaining an in-depth understanding of where your business is now and where you want it to be in the future provides the ultimate framework to start building a successful brand. Brand design at Mariart involves cleverly encompassing the essence of your business in a logo design that will be used as an identifier across all the business’s marketing collateral.

Once your logo is established, Mariart can create a unified suite of corporate stationery to provide you with useful elements, such as a letterhead, business cards and report designs as part of your brand design. Supporting imagery and colour selection is also important in creating the right representation of the business’s unifying messages. The result is a consistent, professional image that is at the head of your corporate public profile.

To find out more about brand design, business branding and corporate ID, contact us at Mariart Design Studio today. You can read more about brand design on our branding page.

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