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The art of teaching old dogs new tricks

The Mariart team is passionate about the benefits of internal brand training to ensure a business’s brand comes to life every day, at every customer touchpoint.

While it’s crucial to develop the right brand strategy and ensure this is reflected in a consistent visual identity, your brand image is so much more than that.

It’s the DNA running through your business and is reflected in every experience your customers have with you at that “moment of truth”.

We can all relate to it as consumers. A company could have the most amazing logo and incredible advertising – but if you’re treated badly by an employee, you form a different opinion that’s often shared (online or in person) and ultimately influences purchasing behaviour.

So, how do you give employees the knowledge and understanding they need to embody your brand every day – and the motivation to do it?

In our experience, effective brand training is vital. It has to engage staff at every level and go beyond telling them about your new logo and marketing collateral. It has to describe what your business values, personality and essence actually mean – and how they can live that every day in their work, words, presentation and interactions with each other and customers.

In short, it has to show your people they are the brand in a real and personal way. And if you do it right, the payoffs are huge: more satisfied and engaged staff, a clear and powerful message about your business, improved brand perception, more loyal customers … and a much better chance of business success.

“Mariart delivered brand training sessions for our employees. The response was very positive and it was a great way for our whole team to feel engaged and understand that everything they do is so crucial in consistently delivering our brand.”

Simon Filleul | Playground Centre

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