How To Build A Good Client-Designer Relationship: 4 Tips For Designers

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Just like any relationship, the client-designer partnership takes work to be successful; they don’t simply happen. Whether you’re building their website and in the getting-to-know-you phase, or you’ve known them for a while there’s always an opportunity to strengthen your working relationship.  Here are Mariart’s top four tips for designers to help establish a productive and positive client relationship.

Are you made for each other?

Not every client/designer partnership will be a perfect match. Before you start working together objectively assess if you are the right designer for the client and if they are the right client for you. We find it helps to have a questionnaire ready for the first meeting, just to address potential major issues (budget, deadlines and such).


Client Designer Relationships

Keep them informed

Don’t leave your clients in the dark. Let them know what to expect, and map out some milestones for feedback. Open and frequent communication is the easiest way to prevent a small problem from turning into a large and potentially damaging problem later down the track.

Educate your clients

Not only will this show your expertise, it will also help them understand what you are talking about. The world of design is foreign for most people, so don’t assume your client understands your language. Take the time to talk them through the basics of your job – it’ll build understanding and trust, which is a win for everyone!

Get regular feedback

If your deadline allows, asking for regular feedback is the best way to avoid wasting your time and the client’s, so you can rectify your work before you have spent a month taking a design in a direction that client doesn’t like. Be receptive to your client’s preferences – some clients will want to be included more than others.

In essence, building a positive client-designer relationship is about listening, asking questions and making sure the client knows you’ve heard them. Open communication is key! If you have some tips for building productive working relationships leave them in the comments or tell us on Facebook.

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