Eco-Friendly Papers – Taking Stock

Posted on Aug 24, 2009 in Mariart News, Printing | No Comments

Paper selection is becoming an increasingly important marketing tool – being environmentally aware of everything right down to the stock your communication is printed on can add meaningful ‘green’ value to your brand, while inappropriate paper choice can harm your brand’s value and credibility, impacting on your company image.

These days there are so many paper choices available for your printing projects, making the most environmentally sound choice can often be confusing. Mariart works closely with industry suppliers and our clients to simplify the process, delivering environmentally sustainable paper choices along with professional advice.

Recycled papers are a popular choice and there are several ‘new generation’ recycled papers that look and print like virgin fibre (non-recycled) papers. It doesn’t have to look like toilet paper anymore!

Virgin fibre papers are also available with incredibly high environmental credentials that are internationally recognised. Buzzwords like FSC, carbon-neutral and EMAS are growing in popularity and Mariart can help you decide on the most appropriate choice for your next project.

Maybe you want something a little different? Mariart can also source quality papers made from alternative fibres such as bagasse (sugar cane waste), bamboo and cotton. Talk to us about your next print project, and you might be surprised how easy it actually is to be ‘green’.

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