Mariart on the Move

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Pssst. We’ve been working on something behind the scenes and we’d like to show you.

Mariart has a new home. We’re now at 4 Killarney Street, Yeronga.

But this wasn’t an exercise in shuffling desks and transferring files. It was about creating a brand new space for our team and our clients. A space that draws you in. Inspires creativity. Is a joy to work in. And of course, brings our own Mariart brand to life.

We like to do things differently, whether it’s coming up with creative concepts for our customers, or redefining what a workspace looks like. So come and have a look around.

We think it’s got the laid back Brisbane feel, with a big splash of New York appeal. And a big dose of our own personality.

In fact, we can’t wait to get to work on your next big idea.

Come and see us for a drink on the deck, or a boardroom brainstorm. Or just to see how branding can be used in everything you do – including the space where your team comes together. We think this sets the scene for success – do you?

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