Maxxis Tyres

Branding + Copywriting + Logo Design + Marketing Strategy + Media Placement + Photography + Print Design + Print Management + Website Design and Development

Maxxis Tyres is a global tyre brand distributed throughout Australia, by Tyremax.

Tyremax approached Mariart with two main objectives – to raise brand awareness and increase market share. A branding workshop with key decision makers from Tyremax led to the establishment of a ‘brand wheel’, which enabled us to create a brand personality, positioning statement and advertising campaign, relevant to the Australian market.

We have been working closely with Tyremax for a number of years, involved in all facets of their marketing strategy and developing integrated, relevant advertising campaigns to continue to build the Maxxis brand in Australia.

Services provided to Tyremax include, design of all printed material, product catalogues, price lists and press advertising campaigns as well as website design, development and maintenance.

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Mariart Design Studio were recommended to us as being professional, effective and well connected. They have been all of this, as well as being excellent to work with, giving us a crisp, clear and strong message that goes right to the heart of our target audience.

Ian Allpress

Director, Tyremax Australia