Stroud Homes

Branding + Copywriting + Logo Design + Marketing Strategy + Print Design + Print Management + Website Design

Stroud Homes is a newly established, high qualtiy project home, building company, servicing South East Queensland.

James Stroud approached Mariart to establish a brand strategy and marketing plan for his new business, as well as create a full suite of marketing material. James had a very tight time frame to work within, however we were able to meet his launch date with a suite of strategic, creative and ‘on brand’ collateral, that has enabled Stroud Homes to effectively display their point of difference and quickly gain market share.

Our work for Stroud Homes has so far included the development of their logo, positioning statement, printed collateral, advertising templates, window displays, signage and website design.

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We commissioned Mariart for the graphic arts and website design for our brand, Stroud Homes. Tight timeframes made for a difficult assignment, but the team at Mariart handled it fine. Including a brand strategist in the process helped to create a well targeted portfolio of brand material. We've had many compliments on our logos and website, where the words "fresh" and "professional" are used. Mariart's work helped give us that boost of credibility we needed at the early stages of our venture.

James Stroud

Director, Stroud Homes