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When Urban Effects first came to Mariart, the street and park furniture company was a relatively new entrant to a well-established, competitive marketplace.

The company required a ‘refresh’ of its launch brand to firmly cement a position in an already crowded marketplace and provide some differentiation from long-term players. The concept of being ‘new’ and all the benefits that this offered was harnessed. So too, was the aspiration of becoming the preferred supplier in the future by setting new standards of quality, choice and service.

Encompassing all of this, Mariart introduced creative concepts around being ‘a breath of fresh air’ and ‘refreshingly different’ to capture the sense of the outdoor areas as well as the simple pleasures that their offer brought to the marketplace. This was reflected through imagery of a dandelion blowing in the wind.

The distinctive, refreshed look and feel also established synergies with sister company Playground Centre. The complementary logo and colour palette was designed to allow for co-operative marketing and bundled, combined offerings in the future. Importantly, the enhanced and modern brand identity reflected the suite of quality and stylish designs of Urban Effects’ street and park furniture from New Zealand and abroad.


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Urban Effects engaged Mariart because of their professional marketing ability, great track record and outstanding recommendations from their existing clients. Since our partnership began, they have designed and implemented a master brand refresh, as well as new website and catalogue, and have also become our ongoing marketing manager and strategist. Mariart’s professionalism and friendly approach, along with their great communication skills, have made this large undertaking a breeze; their regular progress updates and professional advice has been invaluable.

We have no hesitation in recommending Mariart because they understand your needs, do their homework, don’t cut corners and go the extra mile to research your industry, products, markets and in-house strengths and weaknesses. Their expertise provides clear direction, foresight and business positioning. We are excited by what the future holds for Urban Effects and we look forward to increased growth and success as a direct result of our professional connection with Mariart.

Oslo Currie

General Manager, Urban Effects