Search Engine Optimisation Brisbane

Search Engine Optimisation is a critical part of the web development process that is often overlooked. While it may be important for your business to have a website, it’s equally as important that your target audience can find it. That’s where SEO comes in. At Mariart, we can boost the effectiveness of your website through:

  • keyword research – to identify the most profitable search terms for your business to target
  • website optimisation – to ensure that your website’s content and specifications match search engine criteria
  • link management – to maximise high quality links on the web that take people to your website
  • monitoring – we independently track the position of your website in major search engines so that you can monitor its performance.

Tangible results

Search engines display websites ranked by relevance. By consistently working to improve the quality and relevance of your website, you can increase your ranking over time. Typically you will start to see a positive movement in rankings within a month of beginning your SEO campaign, with a steady climb towards top-ranking positions for your target keywords.

Why is SEO so important?

  • Most consumers believe that the highest-ranking companies on Google are the leading brands in their industry
  • 85 per cent of people find websites through search engines
  • If prospects don’t find your website, they will find your competitors
  • Search engines promote your business 24/7
  • SEO targets people who are actively searching for your category of products and services
  • SEO builds long-term strength and value in your website

The Residence was experiencing very low enquiry response from our website, and it was impacting negatively on our repeat business. Mariart worked hand-in-hand with our marketing consultant to design and build a new website and more importantly, revamp our Search Engine Optimisation to ensure that we were getting the best response from our Google hits. All this work was completed in a short but very busy 3-to-4 week timeframe.

Our relationship together has been very positive, and Mariangela and her team have been very flexible and co-operative in working through the great number of critical components that make up a new marketing program.

David Sim

Village Manager, The Residence Clayfield