Time Management Tips For Creative People

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Are you a creative or freelancer not locked into a typical nine to five routine? If you tend to work when inspiration strikes it’s easy to get distracted, put off less appealing administrative tasks or waste time because you haven’t effectively planned your day. But creative people are business people too, so it’s important to put into place some time management methods to make sure you’re getting the best out of your day. Here are a few guidelines and tips we use at Mariart to help us maximise our output. With these tips, a little experience and some self-control you’ll master the art of a productive working day!

Prioritise your time


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We like to sort the tasks on our ‘to do’ list with the urgent and important matrix, so we can prioritise and avoid wasting time. However remember to prioritise not urgent and important work too, because putting it off will only affect you in the long term.

Make the most of your ‘top of the game’ time of the day

Whether you are a morning person or you feel more efficient after midday, plan to work on your most important tasks at your preferred time of the day. This will ensure you are the most productive on important and urgent matters.

Learn to say no

Don’t say yes to everything and anything. It’s the hardest small word to say, especially if you genuinely want to help, but saying no is the fastest way to free up some of your time.

Keep distractions to a minimum 

If you get distracted for some reason, try to keep it short. As much as it is tempting to take five coffee breaks during the day, it won’t help you get things done and you’ll find yourself feeling unproductive at the end of the day. Make room for breaks, but be reasonable about it.

Make a bucket list

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Put all the little tasks and other chores building up over the week, and decide of a set time every week to work through it. This will allow you to minimise stress and work more efficiently the rest of the time.

Are you a creative person with some great tips? Share them in the comments!

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