Playground Centre

Playground Centre is one of New Zealand’s leading suppliers of play equipment and recreational solutions for all ages, stages and abilities.

Before coming to Mariart, the company’s focus was around products Рparticularly the fun, safety and quality of its playground equipment.

Through a complete brand review, Mariart pinpointed how Playground Centre had evolved to become a business that helped nurture healthy minds and bodies of all ages through play. Specifically, it helps bring lasting physical and psychological benefits to people’s lives through clever and engaging equipment that people love to use.

After redefining the company’s brand values, personality and essence, Mariart captured the new direction in a tag line – “fun for life” – and a vibrant new logo, colours and look. Their inclusive, health-based focus is highlighted throughout all marketing material, including a new website that provides valuable research-based insights and essential playground checklists for various age and ability categories.

Importantly, the whole Playground Centre team was involved in the brand refresh – and what it meant for each individual – through comprehensive brand training.

The distinctive, refreshed look and feel also established synergies with sister company Urban Effects. The complementary logo and colour palette was designed to allow for co-operative marketing and bundled, combined offerings in the future.

Urban Effects

When Urban Effects first came to Mariart, the street and park furniture company was a relatively new entrant to a well-established, competitive marketplace.

The company required a ‘refresh’ of its launch brand to firmly cement a position in an already crowded marketplace and provide some differentiation from long-term players. The concept of being ‘new’ and all the benefits that this offered was harnessed. So too, was the aspiration of becoming the preferred supplier in the future by setting new standards of quality, choice and service.

Encompassing all of this, Mariart introduced creative concepts around being ‘a breath of fresh air’ and ‘refreshingly different’ to capture the sense of the outdoor areas as well as the simple pleasures that their offer brought to the marketplace. This was reflected through imagery of a dandelion blowing in the wind.

The distinctive, refreshed look and feel also established synergies with sister company Playground Centre. The complementary logo and colour palette was designed to allow for co-operative marketing and bundled, combined offerings in the future. Importantly, the enhanced and modern brand identity reflected the suite of quality and stylish designs of Urban Effects’ street and park furniture from New Zealand and abroad.

RSPCA Queensland

RSPCA Queensland is the state’s oldest, largest and leading animal welfare charity, dedicated to improving the lives of all domestic, farmed and native animals throughout Queensland.

Mariart was initially approached to design a fundraiser invitation to raise money for the relocation of RSPCA Queensland’s headquarters to the RSPCA Animal Care Campus in Wacol, which was undergoing a major upgrade at the time. The devastation of the Queensland floods had rendered the Fairfield campus unsuitable and the damage which resulted, made the need to raise funds even more pressing than usual.

Mariart’s ‘Noah’s Ark’ inspired illustration and flyer design was well received and has paved the way for a valued ongoing partnership with RSPCA Queensland.

We have since been honoured to work on a wide variety of pieces for RSPCA Queensland, including logo designs for The Great Migration Walk and RSPCA Opshop, event invitations and most notably, a complete signage master plan for the RSPCA Queensland Animal Care Campus in Wacol, which included illustrations and print management.

Mariart considers the opportunity to provide (and sometimes donate) design services to RSPCA Queensland as tremendously rewarding and we look forward to our continued partnership, as well as the ongoing success of the organisation as a whole.

In addition to our design commitment to RSPCA Queensland, Mariart also sponsors a Doggy Dorm at the RSPCA Animal Care Campus in Wacol.

Lockyer Valley Council

Mariart were honoured to design the event identity and material for ‘The Lockyer Valley Remembers & Reflects’ commemorative service, held on January 10, 2012, in remembrance of the victims and heroes of the January 2011 floods.

A delicate subject matter close to the heart of every Queenslander, our challenge was to create an identity and accompanying collateral that captured the sense of loss associated with the tragedy, but also the outlook of hope and community spirit that is inspiring Lockyer Valley for the future.

The rosemary plant was chosen because of its traditional association with remembrance and soothing lilac tones that couple perfectly with the solemn, but hopeful mood of the occasion. Attendees of the service received individual rosemary plants, which they could either plant or give to a member of their local community as a way to embrace the spirit of community kindness and remembrance engendered by residents of The Lockyer Valley.

In addition to designing the identity for ‘The Lockyer Valley Remembers and Reflects’, Mariart also designed the event invitations, menus, order of service booklets, rosemary plant tags, and ‘One Year On’ documentary DVD label and cover.

Brookfield Produce

Brookfield Produce and Pet Pavilion is a family owned and operated business located in Brisbane.

Brookfield Produce approached Mariart, looking to improve their marketing in order to compete with a large nation-wide pet store chain, which had opened up a store in their local area. One of the first things we noticed about Brookfield is that, while their products, service and pricing was up to scratch, their branding and marketing material lacked consistency and sophistication.

The first step in the process was to create for Brookfield, a logo which communicated the friendly, service focussed, “animal’s first” philosophy of the business. The result is an illustrative logo, with stylised and friendly animals, which communicates Brookfield’s boutique, personal and helpful identity.

In addition to the new logo, we then developed key messages and created a unified suite of marketing material to communicate clearly and consistently to Brookfield’s target market, across all channels. This suite included print advertising, direct mail postcards, product brochures, flyers and point of sale materials.

Mariart also assisted Brookfield with the development and implementation of a customer loyalty rewards program, as well as the organisation and design of promotional material for their open day event.


The Department of Environment and Resource Management is a Queensland Government department (formally EPA).

Mariart have been contracted to provide graphic design, illustration and print management services to the department since 2005. During this time, we have created signage, maps, illustrations, visitor guides and brochures for areas throughout the state. Our extensive experience with the Department means we are well versed with the government style guide, however we pride ourselves on continually providing them with fresh concepts and designs.

We have also been instrumental in the cataloguing and coding of signs to ensure all units within the Department follow a standard set of guidelines. This has lead to our recent creation of a comprehensive style guide for all signage used by the Department.

Fair Value Pro & APV

Fair Value Pro is a first of its kind, all-in-one product solution, for the valuation of non-current physical assets.

Fair Value Pro approached Mariart looking for a marketing strategy and associated marketing collateral for the launch of their product into the UK market. The brand strategy included the design of the Fair Value Pro logo as well as designs for the website, corporate stationery, brochures and banners.

The launch of Fair Value Pro was such a success, that the company directors decided to engage Mariart for a refresh of their core Australian brand, APV Valuers and Asset Management, which was long established and had since become outdated.

This refresh included logo update, corporate stationery, brochures, banners and print advertisements, as well as the design and development of a new website and e-newsletter campaign. APV’s marketing collateral now reflects their expertise and up-to-the-minute market knowledge.

The Residence

The Residence is a boutique retirement community, located in Clayfield Brisbane. The Residence offers care and assistance to seniors who need support to continue living independently.

The Residence contacted Mariart to work in tandem with their marketing consultant to refresh their existing logo and completely redesign their marketing collateral.

Along with the logo refresh, our task was to design and establish artwork for a new brochure, postcard campaign, press advertising and corporate stationery as well as the design and development of a new website, with ongoing SEO campaign to boost online enquiries.


Modinex provides easy to install internal and external surface covering solutions for home and commercial spaces.

Before Modinex had a name, they had a vision of where they wanted to be and how they wanted to be perceived. Mariart were approached to name their business and develop a brand and marketing strategy that achieved this vision.

The result is Modinex; a name derived from their “modern” product offering, efficient installation and diverse range of products that cater to both “interior” and “exterior” surface needs. As part of the branding process, we also created a logo and positioning statement.

Further work for Modinex has included stationery design, website design and development, product brochures, posters, product sample packaging, banners and print management, as well as the design of logos for their Expresswood and Passport Decking product ranges.

Genesis Christian College

Genesis Christian College is an independent, non-denominational, co-educational school, based in Brisbane and catering for students from Prep to Year 12. The college campus also encompasses Little Genesis Early Learning Centre.

Mariart were originally approached by Genesis Christian College to design a new logo. We created an identity which celebrated the College’s culture of faith and learning. The logo was embraced with open arms by the board and wider community. This set the foundations for our ongoing partnership, through which we have created extensive marketing collateral for the College.

We also had the delightful task of designing a logo and various marketing pieces for Little Genesis Early Learning Centre. This particular brief was a joy to work on, thanks to the delightful subject matter. The Little Genesis logo was also well received within the Genesis community.