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Mariart are very much able to take a brand strategy and bring that to life in through visual identity. They’re very good at thinking outside the box and being able to take complex products and ideas and distill that down into a really clean visual identity.”

Cathy Marshall, Freelance Marketing Consultant


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Yes, your logo is a crucial symbol and identifier – but it’s only one part of your brand. Understanding that, and nailing your strategic branding, is the secret to achieving sustained competitive advantage.

Much more than a logo and colour palette, your brand is your single most important business asset. Strong brands are proven to consistently outperform the market. A strong brand is your competitive edge, driving everything from increased margins to attracting and retaining the best people.


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What is graphic design and why is it essential for businesses?

Graphic design is the creative process of visually communicating ideas and messages using various design elements, such as typography, colours, images, and layouts. It plays a crucial role in capturing attention, conveying information, and establishing a strong visual identity for businesses. Effective graphic design services enhance brand perception, attract customers, and help businesses stand out in competitive markets.

What do graphic design services typically include?

Graphic design services encompass a wide range of creative solutions tailored to meet specific business needs. These can include logo design, branding and visual identity development, marketing materials design (such as brochures, flyers, and banners), packaging design, website graphics, social media graphics, illustrations, infographics, and much more. Graphic designers collaborate with clients to understand their goals and create designs that effectively communicate their desired message.

How much do graphic design services typically cost?

The cost of graphic design services varies depending on factors such as the complexity of the project, the level of expertise required, and the geographic location of the designer or design agency. Hourly rates for graphic design can range from $80 to $200 or more, depending on their experience and reputation. Alternatively, some designers may offer fixed-price packages for specific design services. It’s best to discuss your project details and requirements with designers to receive accurate cost estimates.

How long does it take to complete a graphic design project?

The duration of a graphic design project depends on its complexity and scope. Simple design services, like creating social media graphics, can be completed within a day or even hours. More complex projects, such as a comprehensive branding package or website design, may take several weeks or even months to finalise. It’s important to communicate project timelines and deadlines with the graphic designer to ensure expectations are aligned.