Video branding 101: How to use video marketing to get results and build your brand

September 9, 2023

Video branding 101: How to use video marketing to get results and build your brand

Video marketing has exploded in the past decade and, according to HubSpot, continues to grow in popularity and achieve better results than ever. Read on to discover why it’s so critical to embrace video branding – and how to use these video marketing strategies to build your brand.

The popularity and influence of video marketing makes sense. It brings brands, products and services to life – to engage the senses, captivate, connect and inspire. Video makes it easier to explain complex information with an authentic, human voice. And, of course, videos are faster and easier than ever for customers to consume and share.

The Why of video marketing

A 2023 research report released by Wyzowl makes the power of video crystal clear – with
an all-time high number of marketers (92%) saying they get a good ROI on their video
marketing efforts.

Wyzowl say video marketing has helped them:

  • increase sales 87%
  • increase user understanding of their product or service 96%
  • increase brand awareness 95%.

The same research showed that:

  • People on average watch 17 hours of online video content per week.
  • 51% of people are more likely to share video with their friends than any
    other type of content.
  • 89% of people say watching a video has convinced them to buy a product
    or service.

The simple fact is that video branding has a unique and compelling power. Consider the task of video marketers in ‘selling’ experiences – like Cosy Campers, a one-of-a-kind campervan designed for discerning travellers. Hand-made using reclaimed timber, it has an eco-conscious spirit and luxury touches everywhere. Video makes it feel ‘real’, using the unique sights and sounds of South East Queensland – while highlighting the details, textures and features of ‘Cosy Camper life’ in a way nothing else can (except the real thing!).

So, how does it all work? As specialists in digital marketing, social media and video production, we’ve rounded up some of our top tips when it comes to video branding, post production and marketing.

The what of video marketing

aka your Video Marketing Strategy

Brand and audience

No matter what your video format and channel, it should always be underpinned by your brand strategy and a clear understanding of your target audience. Be true to your brand values, personality and voice. For example, if you’re a highly professional B2B brand, a ‘zany’ video might capture attention – but completely miss the mark for your audience. For communication that really resonates, ensure that your social media video marketing is built with a clear understanding of your target audience – including their pain points and how you solve them.

Goals and formats

It might sound obvious, but too many people forget to set clear goals for their video marketing activities. Do you want brand videos to build awareness and loyalty, drive website traffic, launch or promote a range of products, or something else? This will help you decide on the right video type and content: ranging from emotive video branding to ‘how-to’ videos, product demonstrations, customer testimonials, as well as culture and ‘behind the scenes’ videos.

The beauty of a video marketing campaign is versatility. It can (and often should) be used throughout the customer lifecycle and across a range of platforms, which means you’re likely to produce different video types as part of your overall marketing strategy.

“Online video is the Swiss army knife of internet marketing. It really can be used all over the customer lifecycle, whether it’s customer service, marketing, or even recruitment.”

Mark Robertson, SEO & Video Marketing Pioneer

At Mariart, our work highlights that flexibility: with client videos ranging from short and sweet (with clever animations and calls to action that drive website and social media traffic) to adding ‘punch’ to presentations or building brand loyalty.

Video Marketing Platforms

The best platform for different online video marketing campaigns will depend on your objectives – and where your target audience spends its time.

Options include YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, your website, your blog, email marketing as well as paid advertising. Each platform has its own requirements and ‘best practice’ guidelines, including ideal lengths – which should all be considered when planning and producing video marketing content.

Our team is adept at making videos work harder to clients, often transforming and re-purposing longer-form videos into small social media clips, memes and still images. One production can work across all of your platforms, stretching value and results.

The how of video marketing

Quality counts

Quality doesn’t necessarily mean an Oscar-worthy production. Many of today’s younger consumers, for example, like a more authentic ‘hand-held- feel to videos. But whether you’re making a video for a CEO or a Gen Z, some things don’t change. An easy, positive and targeted experience is crucial – and the quality of your video will reflect directly on your brand and affect your results. Low-quality audio or blurry images will frustrate current and potential customers – and potentially turn them away.

Compelling copy

Yes, your marketing videos are visual – but don’t discount the power of great copy. A sharp, engaging script will keep people watching and ensure your video is meaningful, motivating and memorable. The best visuals with confusing or off-brand copy just won’t work. Words matter.

Get creative

Quality videos don’t have to be a full scale, costly production. We often create high-impact videos using smart graphics, illustrations, animations, or combine existing footage, actual video or photos with a great voiceover and soundtrack. For example, we helped showcase a modern Australian made office furniture range using still and rotating images, illustrative ‘handwriting’ graphics, text and voiceover – highlighting unique features with a fresh, modern and approachable feel.

Consider captions

Captions extend reach and accessibility, but can do even more – especially when it comes to social media. According to Search Engine Watch, a study found that captions can increase the time viewers spend watching a video by almost 40% and make them 80% more likely to watch a video through the end. It also estimates that as much as 85% of Facebook videos are played without sound.

SEO smarts

Yes, you can optimise video marketing for search engines and platforms like YouTube. This involves using relevant keywords and optimising elements like video title, description and metadata. High quality video content can also support your overall SEO strategy: for example, by embedding an appealing video on your website to increase the length of time that people dwell – and help improve your rankings. Ensure you have an awesome thumbnail so people click, and share links on social media platforms (as appropriate) to drive more people to your site. And according to the Digital Marketing Institute, while social media algorithms are always changing, video is one of the most engaging formats and can be prioritised on the feed for some platforms (including carousels on Instagram and live and video ads on Facebook).

Measure & improve

Decide and implement the best way to track the performance of your videos via a range of measurements, including view counts, play rates, social sharing and comments, as well as completion, click-through and conversion rates. You can even try what’s called “A/B testing” where you compare two variants of the same thing (for example, changing the thumbnail or call-to-action) to see which is more effective.

When you need help

If this all sounds like a lot – consider partnering with an agency that can make video and digital marketing both easier and more effective. At Mariart, we combine forces to make it all happen: with digital marketing experts working alongside a creative team of video production specialists, web developers, designers, illustrators, and scriptwriters. We pride ourselves on flexibility – and love doing everything from simple, irresistible animations to getting our ‘Spielberg on’ when clients need a masterpiece!

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