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In today’s world, people are busy and markets are cluttered. More than ever, you need a strong, well-defined brand to get noticed, connect with customers, drive new business and carve out a competitive edge.

At Mariart, we’re experienced brand builders who dig deep to create brands that have that extra something that today’s consumer demands. Whether you want to change the world, make people’s lives better or jobs easier, we help you crystallise your purpose (your ‘why’) and build a brand that makes people want what you’ve got.

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Brand Strategy | Brand Architecture | Brand Identity | Brand Positioning | Tone of Voice | Brand Training | Perceptions Research

Why our clients partner with us

“ It’s not easy to translate the world of predictive analytics, accurately and engagingly, for different markets! But Mariart quickly understood Predikt-r and our big points of difference, including a unique focus on real commercial outcomes. They nailed our brand, target market, and how to communicate our solutions. We work fast, we’re driven, and we enjoy ourselves – and Mariart is exactly the same. It’s a fantastic partnership.

Dr Scott Krebs, Predikt-r Managing Director

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The Art of Branding

We’re a Brisbane branding agency that lives, breathes and loves brand design. It’s at the very heart of what we do and there’s nothing more exciting than working with our clients to capture the very essence of their business and help them share that with the world.

It’s a creative process that has to have practical outcomes. The team at our brand design agency work with you, from the very first brand strategy workshop to the brand training we provide to your team, to ensure you have a brand that really connects with your customers and you have the tools to apply it across everything you do.

Your brand is more than just a logo and a colour palette, it’s the whole feeling and experience you create for your customers at every touchpoint – when they click on that link, see your product on the shelf or walk through your door. At our creative branding agency, our team of brand strategists, graphic designers and copywriters is passionate about helping you make every impression count with a brand that is uniquely ‘you’ and that can be simply, easily and effectively brought to life across all of your business activities and marketing and communication channels.

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Train your people to be brand champions

Train your people to be brand champions

Brand training for employees is an essential part of the Mariart Brand Methodology. That’s because your brand is more than just a logo and a colour palette, it’s the whole feeling and experience you create at every touchpoint – from the way you answer a call, provide a quote, or package a product

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Build your brand with Mariart

Whether you’re a visionary start-up or an established business, ensuring your brand is authentic, strong and relevant is a must. Our branding agency has developed a strategic logo and brand development process that has helped businesses of all shapes and sizes in Brisbane and beyond to whole new levels of success. Here’s how we do it.

Our Process

Delve & Discover

Delve into business strategy – to build a brand that takes you in the right direction.

  • Strengths, opportunities and risks
  • Competitive landscape
  • Target markets
  • Unique differentiation
  • Strategies for growth
  • Systems, processes, and behaviours

Clarify & Craft

Craft a targeted brand strategy:  your long-term plan for building a strong, successful brand that drives decisions, marketing, behaviours and business growth.

  • Brand values, personality and essence
  • Brand story and key messages
  • Brand architecture

Embed & Embrace

Develop effective and useful tools to embed your brand, consistently and clearly – internally and externally.

  • Brand identity: a visual reflection of your brand values and personality
  • Uniform and consistent guidelines, style sheets and templates.
  • Meaningful and relevant brand training for your teams.
  • Complementary internal culture campaigns.

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