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If you want your product to sell, you need to make it stand out on the shelves.

We apply our graphic design expertise to create innovative label and packaging designs with loads of visual appeal, and work with our suppliers to ensure you access the most cost-effective (and sustainable) packaging solutions. There are plenty of products featuring Mariart-designed packaging in stores right across Australia and overseas!

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The Art of Packaging

One of Brisbane’s leading packaging design specialists, we know how to grab a customer’s attention and motivate a purchase.

We think outside the box (literally). We work with a thorough knowledge of your product, customer profile and desired market outcomes to design a unique label and packaging design that makes your product as attractive on the outside as it is on the inside.

It’s a multi-faceted, multi-dimensional process that considers every aspect of product labelling and packaging from your customer’s perspective. How does it look? What does it say? How does it feel? And with increasingly eco-conscious consumers to satisfy, how do you make it clear you’re a business that cares and promote the use of sustainable packaging materials?

Our graphic designers team up with our suppliers both here and offshore to present you with innovative label and packaging design solutions that won’t cost the earth. For large quantities or small, we have the capability to design and produce branded packaging to standard sizes and specifications or create bespoke, tailored label and packaging.

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Why our clients partner with us

“ We have been working with Mariart for over 10 years and have developed a very strong professional working relationship across various facets of the business for graphic design services, packaging, branding development and digital strategy. They are a passionate team, truly taking the time to understand the essence of our brand and delivering quality work within tight deadlines and budgets. We hope to continue our fantastic working relationship into the future.

Harneet Kaler, Mediherb International Brand Manager

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Think outside the box with Mariart

At Mariart, we love bringing brands and products to life through thoughtful and creative label design and packaging design. Through years of experience, we’ve developed a proven and tested process for ensuring your product is packaged for success. Here’s how we do it.

Our Process


The first thing we do is to get to know your product – intimately. We want to know what it does, how it works, what’s in it so we can figure out how it needs to be packaged, working to your budget, distribution and point-of-sale requirements.


Next, we take a look at what else is out there – who your competitors are, what does their packaging look like; and take the time to understand what your customer wants.


We get to work, brainstorming ideas and coming up with label design and packaging design concepts for your review and feedback.


Once the concept is approved, we execute the label design and packaging design, finalise the production values (materials, dye cuts, etc) and work with our suppliers to develop prototypes for testing before moving into full production mode.

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Packaging FAQs

What is creative brand packaging?

Creative brand packaging involves designing the look and feel of a product to align with a business’s branding and messaging. The packaging should be creative, visually appealing, and unique to differentiate the product from its competitors.

Creative brand packaging should be aligned with the business’s goals and objectives and resonate with the target audience. It should also provide information about the product, its features, and its benefits.

Why is packaging design important for a brand?

Packaging design is critical to a brand’s success because it is the first thing that a customer sees when considering a product. Well-executed packaging can increase brand awareness, build brand recognition, and drive sales.

Packaging design also plays a critical role in the customer’s decision-making process. If the design resonates with the target audience, it can compel them to purchase the product, leading to increased sales and revenue.

How long does it take to complete a creative brand packaging design project?

The time it takes to complete a creative brand packaging design varies depending on the complexity of the project, the services required, and the expertise of the service provider. Packaging design projects may take anywhere from a few days to several weeks or more to complete.

The packaging design process typically involves several stages, including market research, concept development, design, and revisions. It’s important to work with a creative brand packaging service provider that can deliver a high-quality execution within a reasonable timeframe.

Can a creative brand packaging service help with product labelling?

Yes, a creative brand packaging service can help with product labelling. Product labelling is a critical component of packaging design, and it should be aligned with the business’s branding and messaging.

A creative brand packaging service can work with businesses to create a unique and creative product labelling that resonates with the target audience. They can also provide advice on execution and how to use the design effectively to build brand recognition and drive sales.