We make Annual Reports an art form

Annual Reports don’t need to be complex and frustrating. We also believe they don’t need to be boring!

With more than two decades’ experience in annual report design, we know how to help you tell your story and meet every reporting deadline with simplicity and ease.

We’ve designed effective, engaging Annual Reports for a wide variety of clients, ranging from major corporations and not-for-profits to government departments. We’ve won a few awards along the way, too. One of our clients has won Gold three years running at the Australasian Reporting Awards!

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Why our clients partner with us

“ Through an ongoing partnership with Mariart, St Vincent de Paul Society Queensland is very proud to have received multiple gold awards for our Annual Reports in the esteemed Australasian Reporting Awards. Mariart go above and beyond every year donating their time and effort to help make the monumental process of creating an Annual Report a little easier, and contribute to our organisation continuing to be a trusted charity. Incredibly flexible with their turn around time and always willing to go the extra mile for any project we throw at them, their outstanding design concepts have allowed our stakeholders to see the good works St Vincent de Paul Society Queensland undertook for hundreds of thousands of people across the state each year

Marnie Finster

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The Art of Annual Reports

Mariart is a full-service graphic design agency with a strong track record in supporting our clients to deliver annual reports that meet and exceed their stakeholder community’s expectations.

We’ve helped our clients move with the times, finding new and ever-more creative ways to get their story across. In words and pictures; we’ve helped our clients to achieve the quality and transparency of reporting for their stakeholders demand; and meeting all of their annual reporting requirements.

As both a reporting tool and brand communication, we ensure your Annual Report’s concept, theme and design support your brand and business objectives and send the right message to your shareholders, customers and employees. Our graphic designers are experts in annual report design, using their graphic design skills to turn complex financial information, data and statistics into visually appealing, engaging content.

Plus, we’re experienced project managers who have facilitated the design and delivery of countless annual reports in both printed and digital or electronic formats. From the first draft to the final sign-off, we’re dedicated to providing you with the guidance, advice and support (and all the coffee you need) to produce an exceptional Annual Report.

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We know, as the deadline looms for an Annual Report, things can get stressful. But, as a graphic design studio that specialises in Annual Report design, we pride ourselves on offering you a smooth, efficient Annual Report design and production process that ensures your Annual Report gets delivered on time, on budget and without the stress.

Our Process


We start by getting a firm understanding of your Annual Report design goals, reporting timeframe and approval processes and develop a detailed plan to help you meet them


Based on a detailed understanding of your brand and the story you have to tell in your Annual Report, we develop and present a suite of creative concepts, including key page layouts, for your approval.


Once the concept is approved, we work with you to make sure we’re on track to meet the deadline – providing updates, seeking feedback and troubleshooting any issues if they arise.


We focus on ensuring every single detail of your Annual Report is spot on – from the copy to images, graphics to the all-important financials; pulling out all stops to ensure you get the ‘green light’ to on or before your deadline.

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Annual Reports FAQs

What are annual report design services?

Annual report design services involve designing a document that effectively communicates a company’s financial and business performance to stakeholders, including shareholders, investors, and employees.

Annual report design services should be creative, visually appealing, and aligned with the business’s brand and messaging. They should be designed to engage with stakeholders and communicate the business’s performance in a clear, concise and accurate manner.

Why is annual report design important for a company?

Annual report design is critical to a company’s success because it is the primary means of communicating the company’s financial and business performance to stakeholders. A well-designed annual report can increase stakeholder engagement, build trust, and drive investment in the company.

Annual report design plays a crucial role in the company’s investment strategy. It should be aligned with the company’s branding and messaging and designed to convey a sense of trust and reliability and recognition.

What file formats will I receive my annual report design in?

Annual report design services may deliver the final design in a range of file formats, depending on the business’s needs and requirements. These may include PDF, InDesign working files, or other formats that are suitable for print or digital distribution, such as JPEG or PNG, and vector files such as EPS or SVG. The annual report design service should be able to accommodate any file format requirements that the business has.

In addition to the file formats mentioned earlier, it’s also common for annual report design services to provide high-resolution image files, such as JPEG or PNG, and vector files such as EPS. These file formats allow for easy editing and scaling of the design, and are ideal for use in a range of digital and print applications. Ultimately, the file formats provided will depend on the business’s needs and requirements, and the annual report design service should be able to accommodate these needs accordingly.

How long does it take to complete an annual report design project?

The time it takes to complete an annual report design project varies depending on the length of the document, the elements required, and the expert processes of the service provider. Annual report design projects may take anywhere from a few weeks to several months to complete.

The annual report design process typically involves several stages, including research, concept development, design, and revisions. It’s important to work with an design service provider that can deliver a high-quality document within a reasonable timeframe.

Can an annual report design service help with content creation for the report?

Yes, an annual report design service can help with content creation for the report. In addition to designing the report, a design agency may offer content creation services, including writing, editing, and proofreading.

An annual report design service can work with businesses to create a unique and creative document that aligns with the business’s goals and objectives and resonates with stakeholders. They can also provide advice on content strategy and how to use the annual report effectively to build stakeholder engagement and drive investment in the company.