Why purpose is powerful

December 12, 2019

Why purpose is powerful

When your organisation’s strategy is driven by a strong sense of purpose, good things happen.

That’s because making decisions about what you do and how you do it becomes a whole lot easier. And in a world where there’s increasing digitisation, disruption and rapidly changing consumer expectations, that gives you the power to respond, adapt and transform your business to meet the market, and your customer’s and your employee’s needs.

Whether you want to change the world, make people’s lives better or jobs easier, our purpose is to help you define your purpose, and then build your business and brand strategy around it.

What is purpose?

We like how Bill Theofilou from Accenture’s Advanced Customer Strategy and Competitiveness Centre for Excellence describes purpose in a recent article in Forbes magazine.

He said it’s the reason why your company or brand exists, the underlying essence that makes your brand relevant and necessary to its customers. And then got straight to the point: a brand needs to live its purpose. It’s what allows them to “occupy a meaningful place in their customer’s minds and catapult their growth”.

Yes! Purpose equals profitability

If you want proof of why having a crystal-clear purpose is the key to a successful business and brand strategy, then look to some of the most successful companies and best-known (and loved) brands.

Think big global brands like Google, Lego, Nike, Dove and Disney and the US’ first certified organic grocer, Whole Foods.

And, Australian companies are catching up, with the AFR reporting that 11 of the nation’s top 50 listed companies had introduced or updated their purpose or vision in the last two years. Household names like Qantas, Woolworths, Origin Energy, Rio Tinto and Medibank Private.

It’s not just for the big guys though, it’s for small businesses too, with consumers increasingly preferring to spend their hard-earned money with local businesses that stand for a purpose they personally identify with. People are prioritising environmental sustainability, Australian-made and owned products, and businesses that provide local employment, and support health and wellbeing.

Let us help you find your purpose.

Let us help you find your purpose

Here at Mariart Design Studio we’re experienced at authentic, purpose-led brand strategy, identity, positioning, training, tone of voice and more. Click here to read our success stories.

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